Getting Started

Quick summary of how to get started with APKLab.


  • VS Code/VSCodium (obviously)

  • JDK 8+

    Run java --version in your terminal/shell and if you see something like java: command not found then install it from

  • Quark-Engine

    If you want to use the Malware-Analysis feature, make sure you have Quark-Engine installed. To install it, simply run:

    pip install -U quark-engine
  • ADB

    Useful for installing APK to your Android device directly from VS Code. Try running adb device to make sure you have it installed.

Install APKLab

  • You can install APKLab directly by clicking on Extensions from the sidebar in VS Code and searching for APKLab.
  • You can also download .vsix file directly from and install it manually if you need.

Open APK or Apktool project

  • Open the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P) ➜ APKLab: Open an APK

  • Or Just open an existing Apktool project folder

Apply MITM patch

  • Right-Click on or inside apktool.yml file ➜ APKLab: Prepare for HTTPS inspection

ReBuild and Sign APK

  • Right-Click on or inside apktool.yml file ➜ APKLab: Rebuild the APK

Install APK to device

  • Right-Click on .apk file (in dist directory) ➜ APKLab: Install the APK