General Guidelines

Thank you for considering contributing to APKLab. Just like any other Free & OpenSource project, APKLab also needs help from the community not only with adding new features but also with reporting bugs and discussing new features/ideas. Below are some instructions you can follow to make your contribution(s) more meaningful.

Bug Report

Although we test every change on multiple platforms, and we’ve also added basic integration tests, it’s still possible to have some bugs introduced over time. So, if you find that a feature is not working as expected or face an issue getting something done with APKLab, open an issue using the Bug report template after searching it in existing issues. Please make sure you fill in as much relevant info as possible.

Feature Request

With APKLab, we are working on making life easier for Android Reverse Engineers and Malware analysts by integrating the best and most popular OpenSource projects into it. Therefore, if you think there’s a useful tool that can be integrated into APKLab or some extra feature can be developed within it, please open an issue with the Feature request template after searching it in existing issues.

Code Contribution

  • Bug Fix
  • New Feature
  • Integration Test


Anything else